sterring problems


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sterring problems

Have a 93 ford taurus, when turning the vehicle at a corner, the steering wheel jumps back to the opposite side if not held firmly ?
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Sounds like a big issue, could be a bad rack or broken/worn suspension parts. Get it fixed immediately, that's hazardous.
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My mom's 89 Dodge Lancer had a similar problem except during
a turn, the steering wheel felt like it was would disengage
itself from the front wheels intermittently. Dangerous and
scary like hell!!!

There's only 2 things that can break in the steering--the rack
and pinion or the pump. Shops will want to replace BOTH
at your expense without looking since it's a sure-fire way
of fixing it.

Check the steering fluid first. Is it cloudy/milky? It should
be clear. Her's was milky and had tiny metallic specs
floating around, and it stunk like it was burned.

There was no way I could stand to see her blow
$900 at the shop, so I got a $135 rebuilt unit and
replaced it for her. Took me about the better of 2 full
days dropping everything out and putting it back in.
Most of the time was wasted figuring out how to not
take the whole car apart like the manual suggested.
Should have followed the manual and save myself a lot
of time and cursing.

If this is something you want to tackle, I highly
suggest giving the front end a good cleaning to
get rid of all the oil and crud first. Otherwise it gets
real messy real quick. Need a decent set of 1/2"
socket sets /breaker bar since this kind of stuff is on pretty
tight for a good reason.

You'll also need to plan on getting a front alignment after
all is said and done unless you are *really* careful in
matching up the positions of the tie-rod ends with
the original rack when putting stuff back together.

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A wheel alignment is a MUST after a rack change! (for a number of reasons). Leave that to a professional.

Original poster: You could also have a bad tire as well, so check the simple stuff first.

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