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Smile Thank You!

Thank you to all who wrote with suggestions. Downloaded a lot of good info from Chilton's - it's been helpful too. Regarding having a mechanic look at it, my trusted mechanic is no longer with us. Someone else was recommended, so I do have that option. Money is always an issue, though. From everything I've read recently, and the fact that the inside air is always warmer than normal, the thermostat seems a likely culprit. Will see what happens, but just wanted to say thanks to everybody - this has been a good experience for me, as it's forced me to learn about my car, which is something I should have probably done a long time ago!
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Ummm, ok . I forgot which car, which problem, etc.

Please use the reply button versus starting a new post each time so as to keep continuity of posting and so everyone can follow along too.
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Ok - thanks for letting me know. It was the Dodge Spirit.
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See Joe really is a part of the 15% club. LOL Another happy person.
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Thumbs up


Original poster: Inside joke based on a recent poster that stated that "85% of dealer work is trial and error"

Mattison is among the MANY professional folks here can SURELY count themselves in the 15% club too. This forum wouldn't be as great as it is without folks like yourself.
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Arrow 85% funny...

Well, that was an interesting "conversation!" I would tend to agree that car doctoring, like people doctoring is sometimes a matter of trial and error - I like to try to understand stuff, though, so I've been making more of an effort to research any given problem BEFORE getting professional assistance.

I called a reputable repair shop today about the problem, and they told me just about the same stuff as you guys. But they charge $45 just to diagnose the problem in the shop. When I told another female acquaintance that I was researching this via the web, she actually told me I should just take it to a professional who knows what he's doing and not try to self-diagnose the problem! Probably so, but if it's something I can do myself with a little help from other sources, I will end up saving $ plus learning something new.

Joe, as one Aries to another, I understand where you're coming from.
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Not much of a horoscope reader, but ok

The main thing is that if the cooling system has not seen maintenance (new coolant, thermostat, hoses, belts) in a while, that would be the place to start anyhow, even if it does NOT solve the problem. Those are maintenance, not failure items.

As I stated, Chrysler cars have gauge fluctuation issues and that is normal. Alldata has a bulletin or two on this problem. Until the coolant temperature "Normalizes", it says that the gauge tends to fluctuate, going as high as the 3/4 mark near the "H". My friend's 1991 Dodge Shadow (same heap as this, slightly different chassis) has had gauge fluctuation since day one---and his has 160,000 miles on it .

Start with basic maintenance and see where that gets you. I would also suggest you have the radiator professionally boiled out---those are also known cloggers too.
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it was the thermostat!

Thanks again. Replaced the thermostat and the car has been fine. The car has a lot of miles on it, so I SHOULD have been more up to date on maintenance. I'm learning.

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