86 Ford Clubwagon XLT won't start


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Question 86 Ford Clubwagon XLT won't start

Help!!! We have an 86 Ford Clubwagon XLT van 302 v-8: automatic transmission. If we get it started, it runs great, drives well - but if we shut if off it will not restart, unless I pull off the breather hose and squirt some quickstart into it's throat. It has fuel injection. After squirting in some quickstart, it will start up. I have replaced the ignition coil, rotor, and dist. cap. it has dual gas tanks. Someone told me it could be a throttle position sensor. Anyone out there had same problem? Any other suggestions before I replace that part too? Like I say, once it gets started, it runs well, idles well. And yes, it is fuel injected.
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1. What is the outdoor temperature when this failure- to-start occurs?

2. Will it restart without starting fluid after say an hour, or do you only have trouble starting it each morning?

3. How many miles are on the engine?

And include any other information that is relavent about how and when this problem started.

By the way, your problem is not a malfunctioning sensor. Most of your emissions sensors are not involved in 'starting' the car. You most likely have a fuel related problem, and believe it or not, it could be flooded instead of starved.

Next time you start the beast, hold the throttle all the way to the floor and keep it their until you hear a piston fire up. Crank it for 10 seconds at the 'full maximum pedal' to the floor to see if it 'tries' to start. Then get back with some answers.
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A shorted TP sensor WILL prevent a fuel injected car from starting. The ECM/PCM will 'think' (due to the shorted sensor) that the driver's foot is to the floor in attempt to clear a flooded engine. The PCM will disable the injectors as a result.

But hey, we don't even know if this van is carbed or injected. I believe both were available in Ford vans in 1986, depending on GVWR.
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Quite right knuckles. We know it's not a shorted TP sensor in this case because the car does run after it is started. I asked magic for a WOT test to help eliminate a flooded condition.
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1986 E Series 302 vans are multiport Bosch style fuel injection.

Original poster: Start with my "The Basics" post. You may have a bad fuel pump or fuel tank selector switch.

Try this. Keep both tanks full. When the problem happens, switch tanks. If it starts, something is wrong with the one tank it normally runs on.

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