hole in valve cover


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hole in valve cover

89 hyundai excel, in bad need of maintenence, but before i start putting money into it there is a hole in the valve cover that was not there when i brought it home could this be caused by not changing oil, and is it worth repairing this car?
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Depends on what caused the hole.

Remove the valve cover and inspect to see if anything broke loose and go from there.

How did it run previous to the hole?
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The maintenance needed and the cover cost probably exceed the value of the car.....but...

Mattison is right. If the hole is not something where something goes, likely something internal let loose putting a hole in it. In such case, the car isn't worth fixing, as these are poor quality vehicles worth about a grand in MINT condition.

If the hole was caused by something else, get a cover from a junkyard. A Mitsubishi Precis of this vintage is the same heap with a different badge, so look for one of those too (you're bound to find plenty unless the yard flattened them)
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rocker arm

Ok, hubby took valve cover off and a rocker arm is busted. That is what punched through the valve cover and that explains the ticking noise right before it happened. Hubby can fix rocker arm but what caused it to break in the first place? Thanks for the time and the advice any more would be helpful. I know the car is a heap, and it is not my first choice but it is excellent on gas and no car payments on it, lol.
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A broken rocker arm . As I stated, these are bottom barrel cars with bottom barrel parts.

You'd have to replace the broken parts. Any parts store should be able to order them. I wouldn't put a dime into a Hyundai like this. I'd save the time, effort, and money for something better.

My . 02
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forgot to say

Oh yeah forgot to say, before this problem the car ran fine other than grimey transmission fluid and filter causing rough shifting, the car has had a spot at the mechanics for a long time the previous owner put a lot of new parts and money trying to keep it going but mechanic told her transmission was bad, she decided that was to much, but tranny not bad it was just filthy and car in need of tune up and basic maintenence, you know the cheap stuff, I do not understand why the mechanic never told her all of that stuff but hopefully her loss is my gain, Right? Thanks again for the help.
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Make sure it's mechanically sound before dumping ANY money into it. Grimy fluid is a sure sign of trouble to come!

At BEST, these cars are worth a grand in spotless, MINT condition, probably a 1/3 of that if in poor shape. The parts are however fairly cheap, but these cars just fall apart on you and will frustrate you to death. If you paid more than say 500 bucks for it, stop right here. It will cost you a grand before long and that grand is better spent on something better.

I'd take whatever you'd spend on this and bank against a better vehicle that will be safer, more reliable and give you better service.

That's just me though .
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Thanks for all the help

Hubby is going to replace the rocker arm this weekend then I will take it to see if it will pass our states emmisions test before sinking any money into it. If it will not pass that then it is headed for the scrap yard. I did not pay any money for the car so that is the good part of all of this the bad part is i kind of like the stupid car even though it is a foreign car ( Not meant to offend any one just my preference) Any suggestions on what type of car to look for my next used car purchase? P.S. I have had enough Fords. I do mostly short trips city driving so I am very hard on my cars unfortunatly.
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Go with something from Toyota for the best overall value.

Short trips needn't be hard on a car if it's well cared for !

Passing the state emission check is a decent start to how it might run. If it passes, it might warrant further repairs. Sounds like it's in rough shape if it lunched a rocker arm though .

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