paintless dent repair


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paintless dent repair

What can you tell me about paintless dent repair? Does it really work? quality? Price etc.
I have a 2002 chevy silverado pick up less then one year. this pick up was hit by a hail storm last week and recieved about 2 dozen small marble sized dents on the hood and roof. I am considering having them removed through this paintless dent
repair but don't know much about it.
in this area of the country(north texas) hail storms are common in the past i have always had the dents repaired through a regular body shop sometimes costing thousands of dollars through insurance claims i have heard alot of talk about PDR and was hoping someone could give me some advice on this option.
Also what do you think about purchasing a DIY Ding king kit as seen on TV and trying it myself.

One otherquick question Someone once told me that if dry ice were applied directly to these dents on a hot day it would pop most of them out. Any thing to this?
Thanks for any help or advice you can give me
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Yes, dry ice and PDR both work. PDR is not DIY repair---professional only.

If hail storms are common in your neck of the woods, insurance rates probably reflect this and I would let the body shop/insurance company deal with it. You can't control the weather .
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Thanks Joe
Just left the insurance ajusters office Recieved over $2700.00 for damages don;t look that bad to me but labor for conventional body shop was figured at $85.00 per hour. Also nearly $600.00 of this was for replacement of Hard cover toneu lid made of poly plastic or something.
on my way home i noticed several traveling or portable paintless dent repair stations set u on various dealer and auto parts store.
may get a estimate from these people and maybe the chance to check out some of there work before masking a choice on which way to go. Hopefully there will be a little left over out of insurance check for nice set of rims. or at least enough for a fathers day steak and a 6 pak. again thanks for the info
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Sure. Just be careful of the "portables" as some may do shoddy work and then leave you high and dry, costing you more in the long run.

This is a 2002 truck, fix it right . You might ask some body shops if they do PDR.
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Alot of dealerships use a dentless repair in Northeast USA. Maybe you could ask @ a dealer who they use(one without a body shop). Just a thought...

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