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Question changing the oil

Just curious on some opinions. My 1995 Chevy Corsica V6 has 125,000 miles. I change the oil at about 3000-3500 miles. Its pretty black at this point. But, I've seen various guides stating up-to 5000 miles changes. Am I changing it too frequently?

Also, I've seen oils specific to high mileage cars. Do they make a difference?

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Change your oil every 3k/3 months. It is the reason your car has lasted this long .

"High Mileage" motor oils are nothing but marketing ploys. Just use the recommended OEM grade and if it burns it, the engine is frankly shot. Stepping up a weight is going to buy you some time, but the motor is on borrowed time at that point.
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Joe is right, I feel the 3000 miles changes is the only reason my '91 v6 berreta is still going strong at 150k, I recently put valve cover gaskets on it--and the inside looks new! Does not use any oil between changes! Alot of little things go wrong with higher mileage cars, but unless something major goes--ie. tranny/engine, I am going to run this thing and see how many miles it will take! Good luck, and keep up your maintenence!

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