Fuel Gauge Stuck on Full

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Fuel Gauge Stuck on Full

I'm looking at my Aunt's 1999 Escort (2.0 Liter v-4) because she has a problem with the fuel gauge being stuck on full. She had ben driving it for a couple of days and it stays on full, when she tries to put gas in, the pump continously clicks off so it seems like the measurement from inside the tank is off. Will this require taking the tank out?
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Sounds like the tank is actually full since the gauge indicates FULL and the tank won't take accept any more fuel.

Drive it for at least 100 miles w/o adding any more fuel & see if the gauge drops. If it does, it's working properly. If it stays stuck on FULL, the sender is probably bad. Very very very common on Fords.

Yes, you have to drop the tank to replace the fuel sender.

Very easy in a shop with a lift and a gas buggy.

Not so easy at home with a floor jack & jack stands. Still possible, but not much fun, especially if the tank is more than 1/2 full.
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Knuckles latter statement: "Ain't the truth". LOL.

I just did a fuel pump on my friend's 1991 Shadow, and guess who had a full tank?

Fortunately, my 84 Oldsmobile 88 loves gas , and took all 13 gallons without a sweat (I had a half tank). LOL.

It was pretty funny seeing three guys holding a fuel tank to put the gas into another car. LOL.

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