falling headliner


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falling headliner

the headliner is falling down in my wife's 89 caprice classic. it lays on the driver & passenger's head while driving down the road. what's the best way to fix this problem? (some kind of glue, remove completely or what). please help.

mike s.
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darrell McCoy
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Not worth your time and effort. Get it fixed right by a reliable headliner shop.
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Staples or tacks will hold for the time being. Other than that you'de be much better in the long run like darrell says and get a pro to replace it if the car's worth it.
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Agree with both posters.
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I had that headliner problem once. I bought a can of 3M aerosol spray for uphostery or some such car application. I stuck the can up there and spray as best I could, then stuck the headliner back up. It lasted a week. I think my problem was that I did not clean the roof surface first, which was covered with the old dried out powdery glue. So I just ripped the headliner out. If you never look up, you won't even know it is gone.
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mds8999 - I've done this a few times by myself, although I had the advantage of a well-equipped shop to use. But if you've got the patience, the results will reward you with a great deal of satisfaction. You'll need to remove dome light(s), visors and all trim behind which the headliner is tucked. After pulling the old material from the backing, you WILL be left with varying amounts of glue and dried-out foam on your backing. The foam is the biggest part of the problem, but if you have a pair of work gloves you don't mind messing up some, you can rub it off. Just be gentle so you don't crush the backing. Then, with 3M (or equivalent) multi-purpose spray adhesive on BOTH surfaces, carefully lay down your new headliner material, which you purchased from a local textile supplier OR from the Larry Dennis Company (they're on the web). Install is, of course, reverse of removal. If you're careful, you can get professional-looking results or better, you can't help but save money, plus you get the satisfaction that always comes from doing it yourself. Let us know, and good luck whatever you decide. - Chris
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Chris is right, however, it is time consuming.

I did the headliner on my 1980 Trans Am. I brought the board to the shop had them do the liner and I did the R&R myself.

That was 1993 and the headliner has been great since. Cost was $60 at that time--well worth the money.
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What is the typical cost for a shop to fix the liner? A friend has a 89 volvo 740 sedan in nice condition, but the liner is hitting the hair on top!
Given what the complexity of removing the trim, and getting the liner done right, I'll assume he would want to have it all done professionally. I'll remind him again that a few pins will be a temporary fix.

This project might wait awhile, he just bought a large AC and a few other large things for the house.
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pins and staples and tacks are a good idea until you get in the car one day and sit on one--youch! in one of my cars, i just ripped it all out, you'd be suprised how little you look up at it after that.

if you're still thinking about it and want more information than chris gave, copy and paste this


just obviously don't pay attention to the t-top stuff, the car is different, but the procedure is identical.

ps. my friend had an upholstery shop do the whole thing for $100

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