'89 Olds 88 - here we go again


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'89 Olds 88 - here we go again

Okay, I haven't touched the car since the last post concerning the MAF sensor, but I have some more questions about it anyway! In reading about engine management in my Haynes manual on computer codes, I found that there is (or at least may be) a "self-cleaning" circuit for the MAF sensor, controlled by one or more relays. Is anyone familiar with this circuit/relays/relays, in particular the location of said components on an '89 Olds 88, 3.8l EFI v-6? There's a group of relays on the driver's side inner fender structure - might one of these be it? Also, what is the purpose of TWO sensor wires (the exposed wound wire things that protrude into the air flow stream)? This one is just because I'm curious. Anyway, thanks in advance for the help - Chris
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Use the Haynes manual to prop up your table, it's useless for much more than the VERY basics.

Please keep all posts on the same problem together---continuity is lost when you create multiple posts on the same problem.

Have you looked at autolibrary.org?

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