Cam shaft pully removal technique


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Cam shaft pully removal technique

I would like to pull the camshaft pully (Volvo 940). What are some techniques I can use to do this without using the dealer provided special tools?

The Pully is torqued about 35 ft/lbs, not too bad. But I heard that moving the pully without the timing belt would damage the engine.

Knowing this fact, I think it would not be a smart idea to use the towel & vise grip combination.

thanks in advance
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If you have a manual tranny, just stick it in 1st gear and
take it off. Nothing wrong with turning the crankshart with
no timing belt. Just make sure you realign it with the camshaft
before putting the belt back on. I think the issue you hear
about is if you have an interference engine and you end up
smashing your valves against your pistons.

Dunno about an automatic... never had to do one (fortunately).

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I don't know about your car for sure, but on many cars, they build a spot on the cam shaft itself to put a large wrench to hold the cam while removing and installing the cam pully/gear. This requires removal of the valve cover.
Before taking the timing belt off, make sure (if you're not going to replace it) that you mark the belt where it lined up with the timing marks on all the gears/pullys, and which direction it was mounted..(I usually use a grease pencil, with an arrow across the width of the belt, pointing away from the engine)
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Get the proper tool. Autozone for one might be able to rent you a suitable tool free of charge.
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Just to clarify... On some cars, such as Nissan 2.4's, Saturn 1.9 DOC using a wrench to hold the camshaft while removing the cam gear bolt is the correct procedure. Others do require special tools..By all means make sure your use the proper tool for the job at hand!!
As for moving the cam gear without a belt causing damage, yes it can damage the engine if it's an interferance type engine (sorry I don't know if your Volvo is or not..) A minor amount of movement (a tooth either way) should not cause damage. Don't expect to be able to hold the cam absolutely still..
But make the cam doesn't spin or jump..
As Joe and many others have said..A good manual and a cup of coffee before starting the job can make life SO much easier!! (ie read the manual over carefully before tackling a job you're not familar with!!)
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i've never worked on a volvo, but done a lot of work on isuzu 4-cyl. and they are an interferance engine. the easiest way to avoid damage is to turn the crankshaft 4-5 teeth past the tdc alignment mark, this puts the piston far enough down the cylinder to avoid problems, then with your wrench on the bolt(not a ratchet and socket) slowly turn the cam one revolution, if it stops anywhere, you are hitting something and need to turn the crankshaft more, don't confuse the valve spring pressure which is normal and will usually make the cam 'snap' into a certain position with the positive 'feel' of a piston hitting a valve. once you know nothing will hit i like to use my 1/2 inch impact gun with a rag on the gear, or you can use the poor man's air gun... a wrench and hit it with a hammer, will work just as fine. also make sure your marks are exaclty lined up when your done, some engines are sensitive enough to bend valves being one(1) tooth off.

let us know how it goes

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