1987 dodge dakota carburator


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1987 dodge dakota carburator

i have a 1987 dodge dakota pickup witha 3.9 v6 engine, two wheel drive, automatic transmission with a holley 2 barrel carb. the truck has approx. 120,000 miles. i just tuned it up new dist. cap, new rotor, new wires, new plugs and new fuel filter. my question is that i recently had a carb. kit put in it after i tuned it up and i reinstalled it on the truck but it seems to be flooding. it seems to start ok but when you put it in gear and accelerate it wants to dive, like it is getting to much fuel. when i don't depress the accelerator very far it seems to do ok but if i depress the accelerator too far it dives. when i start it up at the tail pipe it leaves a dark soot patch on the ground. what adjustments do i need to do and how.

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I would check the accelerator pump. You can get the same symptoms as you describe if it's not working properly and the engine doesn't get that little extra squirt of fuel when you step on the gas. With the engine cold, look down the throat and actuate the throttle a couple of times, Should get a good strong stream of fuel in each barrel of the carb.
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If you are getting soot on the ground it's running very rich.I don't think the carb was rebuilt properly.You will most likely need new spark plugs and an oil change after you get this problem corrected.
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I agree. On something that old, throw out the float, choke pulloff and choke thermostat and replace them with new parts as well.

At that age, they are tired and wasted.

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