88 plymouth sundance 2.2 misfire


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88 plymouth sundance 2.2 misfire

I have a 88 sundance 2.2 nonturbo. Driving to work, I noticed lack of power, then only 2-3 cylinders seemed to be firing. Timing all lines up. Popped out the rear seal on valve cover and cranked engine, looked like it was turning. Have backpressure coming out of the intake. Should I take off the valve cover verify the camshaft is whole or maybe drop the exhaust (clogged converter[rotten egg smell earlier])??Thanks
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When's the last tim this thing saw a full tuneup and service? Start there first.
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You scare me,how about doing a compression test to determine mechanical condition of the engine first before ripping stuff apart or removing an engine seal?Those engines used to jump rockers off the camshaft might be your case here.
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Bosch plug about 30,000 miles ago. Wires and cap too. Had this problem. Ran home. Threw is some new plugs. Not that. Remember, I said that I had compression coming back thru the intake(a good amount). So either the exhaust is clogged or a valve is not opening. I always had a rotten egg smell but didn't want to spend the 45 bucks for an o2 sensor. If the crankshaft is broke(i heard it is common on 2.2) wouldn't it not spin on the rear end of the shaft. I would junk this car, but they are great for back and for to work.Like I said, it runs like it's running on 2 cylinders. I've worked around a couple of shops before, but I am not an ace mechanic. Thanks for your input.
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Basic tuneup WAY overdue, start there after a compression check.

You must change the O2 sensor regularly. 45 bucks is spit in the bucket for maintenance. I don't even flinch at parts prices like that (and I own six cars!), replace it if it's never been done.

These cars are about as cheap and lackluster as they get, but properly cared for, they are like a good washing machine. They get the job done, but get no credit .
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True. I bought the o2 sensor. Just throw it in??I'm not thinking head or compression, because I did all that a while back(although it could bite me in the @ss later).Compression, no-----plenty coming from the intake. I think I'll waste the valve cover gasket. I was hoping for something obvious or common with 2.2's. Thanks
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What compression are you talking about coming in the intake? The only thing measured there would be vacuum. Compression is measured in each cylinder with a compression gague. If you haven't tested each cylinder with a compression gague, you haven't checked the compression. Have you verified that all rocker arms are following the cam lobes like they should? As mentioned, that is a common problem on these. The cam is known to break on these engines once in a while too.

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