85 Honda Prelude


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Question 85 Honda Prelude

Going to change timing belt. Understand all steps up to part of getting crank pully off. Of course manual just says unbolt.

My question is, how does one stop engine from turning so that torque can be applied to bolt? Thanks.
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Using a large breaker bar, wedge it in a secure spot. Pull of the coil wire. Give it a QUICK shot of the key and it should break loose.

Do at your own risk. Better way is with an impact gun.
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Will give method consideration, but...

I would probably try to use an impact, but still need basic information as to how to keep engine from turning when torque applied to bolt. Thanks.
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What he ws suggesting was to use the power of the starter to break the bolt loose. Hold the bolt with a socket and breaker bar, wedge this against something sturdy, and then hit the starter. I just changed the belt on my 88 accord today and I used my Visegrips with the chain and let the vise grips rest against the axle(not the best) and then used a breaker bar to get the bolt off. My impact wouldn't break it loose.
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If you do have an air gun, usually, the speed and torque of the gun will loosen the crank bolt, fast enough to have only a small amount of movement of the crankshaft. Yes, occationally, you'll run across a bolt that make you get a little creative to remove it.
And if the crank does move while removing the bolt, you can (and should) reset the crank/#1 pistion TDC after it's out.
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89Blazer had my idea on the money.

I have done many that way, but it's a two person operation and you have to be VERY careful not to injure anyone.

This is an area where as MsArgent mentioned, air tools are a bonus .

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