check engine lite-96 p/u


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check engine lite-96 p/u

96 chevy, 83,000 miles, battery light went on and trans slipping. Took to dealer, put in battery cables, & alternater, and said need new trans. Had trans shop fix it, 3/4 clutches were burned etc. now check engine lite comes on. Dealer wants $79 to look at it, asked what codes from the trans and she could not tell me. the trans shop said he saw "soft codes". i was told to unhook the battery then hook up after 5 minutes and see if it goes off. What should I do? Help! Never had to deal with a check engine light before!
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I'd be back at the tranny shop's door asking why the light is on again after a major repair like that. If they don't have the technology to turn off the light and do a proper repair, you went to the wrong shop.
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What series Chevy pickup?s/t/c/k?
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96 chevy p/u

its a c or ck? 1500 silverado, ext cab
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Did you bring it back and ask why the light is on after a major repair like this???
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I am a little confused. Please clear this up for us. Who told you you had "soft codes"? The dealer? If so they can easily clear those as long as there isnt another occurance the light will not reset. Disconnecting the battery is also good for clearing the codes like this, but once again as long as whatever set the code in the first place doesnt occur again. If the Check Engine light is on, what makes you thing you have tranny issues? Did someone tell you that the codes were tranny related?
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96 chevy srv eng lite

talked to tranny shop, they told me about soft code, may pose prob when getting inspected(i guess when they cked codes for trans)but they do not work on this, the light went on a few days after we got truck back. looking over manual, it was low on gas when i dropped the truck off to get tranny fixed, and i jumped at the first place to get gas while driving out( a cheap, no name gas station), and i don't think i cliked the gas cap. so... disconnected battery for 10 minutes, and then back on. light has not come on so far. when i called the dealership to find out what codes they had on the tranny when it was there they could not tell me, so i think they just drove it and said slipping, let me put one in!
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If it is a 96 it is OBDII and disconnecting the battery will not clear the PCM's memory. Depending on what turned on the SES light it may turn off by itself if the condition for setting the DTC does not re-occur. You may want to invest in an OBDII code scanner if you don't want to keep bringing it back and getting charged for a diagnostic if it's the same condition you originally brought it in for.

The repair order should have Complaint, Cause and Correction documented on it. Example :

Your complaint "Service Engine Soon Light is on"

Cause "Scan data- DTC P1870 Trans component slipping. Diagnose, found 3-4 clutch slipping, recommend transmission overhaul"

Correction- Overhaul Trans, replace Torque converter, flush Oil cooler. Clear DTC's. Road test-OK.

P.S. C=2wd K=4wd
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Bring it to any Autozone. Have them pull the codes. If they are tranny related, back to the shop that did the repair and ask them why the light goes on after a major repair.

Again if I paid a tranny shop to overhaul a unit and then got tranny codes after the fact and the shop went HUHHH??????? when asked about codes like that, I'd feel like I brought it to the WRONG place .

What I'm stating is that the tranny shop should offer to put it on a scanner and tell you that the codes are or are not related to their repairs. Simply saying "I don't know" is a piss poor excuse to me. It means that they probably aren't high tech at all.

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