Eratic idle on an 88 Honda Accord


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Eratic idle on an 88 Honda Accord

I have an 88 Honda Accord DX, carbuerator, automatic transmission, 175,000 miles, that had been running fine until today. In April, I replaced the head, head gasket, timing belt, water pump, etc , retimed it, etc. and it has been running great. Today, after starting the car, while still in park, it idles very eratically, going from 1500 rpm to 500 continuously. When put into drive, at first it idled fine and then started doing the same thing. It accelerates and drives fine other than this problem when idling. What are the possible causes? Do I need to check the timing again? Thanks for your help!
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More than likely a vacuum leak. Spray around carefullly with carburetor cleaner and when you hear the idle go up and stay for a while, you've found the leak.

Be forewarned that these carburetors are VERY pesky and aren't worth 50 cents when they get old---lots of troubles. Also, if you messed up any vacuum lines in your repair, it's a gazorch to get them right again.

The FI Accord was far superior to these beat old carbed versions .

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