Civic Oil Leak

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Civic Oil Leak


I've been having to add a litre of oil every 4-5000km. Which is not so bad as I change my oil that often anyway. But there must be a leak somewhere. Unfortunitely I don't know too much about cars so don't know where to narrow my search to.

I don't believe Im burning oil. There is no smell even for drivers behind me. As well I recenlty parked my car for 3 days straight and there was a little Oil on my driveway.

Any ideas what it might be (head gasket, etc) and how much it will cost to locate the leak and repair it.

Any help greatly appreciated.


P.S. Honda Civic Hatch '97
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You should try the oil pan, that may be your problem. I have a 95 Honda Civic Couple and I had the same problem. Mine was the oil pan.
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Mileage on the car now? Hondas have been known to have oil gallery plugs problems for years.

Your description is very vague as to what the problem might be. Could be burning it or leaking it. Are there spots on the ground?

Likely burning it at this stage of the game. If it's 1 quart every oil change, that is around 3000 miles, that's "normal". Drive it until it drops dead and pitch it for something else.

If it's using more than that in between oil changes, likely has a consumption problem. Fix is to rebuild the engine---depending on the source of the consumption.
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Mileage is 58000 miles. It does appear to be a leak and not burning as there was a spot and the ground, however little.

I never though it was normal to burn oil at any stage.

duce110, when you say try the oil pan , do you mean replace it?

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Just check to see if it's leaking from the pan. If it is, replace it. I had oil all over the pan (as you look at it) and I had to buy one. They are not expensive. The most is about 10-20 dollars.
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Hi Baggs,

Duce110 maybe right it maybe the oil pan gasket. Get a clean cardboard then place it underneath your engine on the floor then mark it. Then check the next day, you can easily pinpoint where it is leaking. But for that mileage most of the Hondas I encountered it is leaking from the valve cover gasket. Open the hood & visually check the side of the valve cover where the head & valve cover meets check around it. If its leaking try to tighten the bolts around it evenly in a criss cross pattern to help even out the load& do it in a step by step manner to prevent the cover from warping. Be sure not to drive around with low oil. As you will ruin the engine. I hope this helps. Use only OEM gaskets or Fel-Pro.


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