engine remove & replace


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engine remove & replace

'91 chev 1500 pu. 4.3 engine, 5speed. can the engine be removed with the clutch attached to the flywheel? or does the clutch have to be removed first?
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Check autolibrary for R&R instructions.
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I'd just remove trans and take engine, bell housing and all out. Got to have some room tho.
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There is plenty of room in that truck to remove the engine and tranny combo. If you want to leave the tranny in, then yes you can remove it with the clutch still attached to the flywheel, but be very careful when doing so. You dont want to damage the clutch. It might be just as easy to remove the few bolts holding the pressure plate to the flywheel and letting it all hang in the input shaft while you pull the engine. If you remove the fan shroud and the fan from the engine then the engine will virtually come straight up and out.
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And remember... it's always easier to take it out (clutch attached to the engine) than to put it back that way.. Lining it up can be a real bugger!! I'd either remove the tranny and clutch then the engine, or the whole assembly, and split it after I got it out..
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Adding on, if the truck has bucko miles on it, now's a good time to change the clutch while it's staring you in the face. Cost of parts at this point and avoids having to do it again shortly if the clutch is on borrowed time.

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