Transmission Problems


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Question Transmission Problems

I would like to know how or why my transmission would slip and what I can do to repair the problem for a Dodge Grand Caravan 92 All wheel drive V6 3.3 motor in it
also has overdrive on it too
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it's easy, on a level ground, start vehicle up, let engine idle in park, set e-brake, open hood, pull trans dipstick(to the left of the battery)wipe clean with a rag, put back in all the way, pull it out and read it, hopefully it's somewhere between the cold and hot 'dots', if it is, smell it, it might smell like burn't coffee grounds only a lot worse, if it does, you better call around to a few different places (large chain stores, independant garages and a dealer or two, the price will vary a lot)to see how much they charge to overhaul the trans or replace with a remanufactured unit, make sure you tell them it's ALL WHEEL DRIVE because the labor is going to be significantly higher(it's not a fun job). make sure wherever you take it, they check for stored fault codes first, because the problem might only be an electronic one. if the trans has never been apart, i would recommend replacing it (vs. overhaul)as most of the drums and especially some snap rings have been updated.
of course if there's nothing on the dipstick, add only chrysler 'atf+3'(the brand name) until it's halfway between the dots and say a few prayers, if the problem is fixed, consider yourself VERY lucky and get the leak fixed now! if not, see the above paragraph.
for the forum's curiosity, which gear is slipping, is it stuck in second gear, this transmission is completely electronic and if anything electrical goes wrong, the trans will usually default to second gear only(and reverse too) which some people assume is slipping as the car won't go over 50 mph(as the tachometer is screaming)
anyway, it doesn't look good, someone, somewhere is going to have to look at it, but at least you have some knowledge now of what's going on

let us know what happens
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Chrysler O/D trannies slip because they are problem ridden off the shelf as rebuilds . Very poor quality and a LOT OF problems with these.

As noted, check the fluid. Change the fluid and filter. Barring that solving the problem, the tranny likely has internal failure and would require a rebuild.
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As a former Chrysler Parts Person, I have to agree that these transmissions were problem children. Especially the AWD versions. Define your slipping condition for us Please! You may be able to get away with just a filter and fluid change, but my bet is that if it has never been rebuilt then you are looking at having to have that done, and even if it has been rebuilt that is no sure fire guarantee that it doesnt need it again. Take it to a certified Chrysler Dealership first and let them look it over, they are going to be your best course of action in this instance.

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