1993 Volvo 960 Wagon


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Question 1993 Volvo 960 Wagon

I'm considering buying 1993 Volvo 960 Station Wagon,inline 6 cyl engine with 24 valves. that has about 125,000 miles on it. It was well cared for by it's only owner, always garaged, with a clean Carfax report and has all the dealer service stamps in the log book. The interior is pretty much in perfect condition. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions and experience with these cars.
A mechanic told me that this particular engine is known to develop oil leaks that are almost impossible to repair. Two people have owned and highly reccomend the 960 wagon, but one guy complained that he had to had to replace the rear shocks which is an expensive item (but they usually last 100k plus miles).
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You already know the price,call the dealer ask them surely they know the car they have serviced since 1993.See what they think if you are buying from a private owner they have no reason to lie. Considering you may be the next new Volvo customer if this car treats you well.
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Volvos are solid overall, but get ready for hefty repair bills and waiting time with these cars.

1) Parts are expensive.
2) Parts tend to be harder to get, but it depends on the area.
3) People that know how to service them are unique and harder to find (again, depends on the area), and they get what they want to service them and then some. Prepare to pay and pay well.

They do last, but are butt ugly boxes in my opinion. If that's not a concern, do as Davo stated and you should be OK.

Me? I'll take a GM rear drive wagon instead .
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volvos are solid cars. Like any euro engines, all oil seals starts to leak with time. Be very careful with early 90's version of cars. These cars have design flaw that would require you to change the timing belt in every 20,000 miles.

high milage volvos usually deveop following problems:
Hard cold starting - fuel check valve failuare
hunting idle - need TB cleanning
transmission mounts failuare
Engine mount failuare
front-engine oil leak behind cam shafts + crank shafts
Oil leak behind the crank shaft (between engine + transmission)
transmission fluid leak (there are several locations)

Trnamission usually last about 250k miles, and engine last about 200K - 400K miles.

These cars can be easily maintained by DIY mechanics. I worked on 3 volvos and they where one of the easiest car you can work on. Get yourself volvo 240 Bentley serice manual with the car.

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