Starter problems/constantly running


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Starter problems/constantly running

I have a 1978 Ford F150 2WD w/ a 400M V-8 and C-6 trans. Power steering and Camper package equpped. I recently had a shop replace the starter solenoid(fender mounted). It worked fine for about a week and then it just died. I took it back to the same shop and they replaced the solenoid again.I was out of state at the time,but my wife complained of a sound like the starter remaining engaged after the engine was running. This held true to my suspicions. I couldn't get the truck back into the shop so I began troubleshooting and repairing myself. To date I have tested the starter(out of the engine)replaced the solenoid,battery and ignition switch. I can only start the engine by jumper wire across the solenoid. The solenoid is the old-style w/ 2 large posts and 2 smaller male-type posts. If I start the engine and attempt to reconnect the positive side small post, the stater engages . It sounds like a ground problem but where? I see no ground from the starter to the block,but Fords have always been 1 wire setups. I checked the engine-cab ground and while the wire looks shoddy,it has a good connection. I have located a 8" ground strap off the pass. side of the intake but can find no point for it to ground to. Any help will be appreciated
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First of all you can ground that wire anywhere on the firewall or frame, just be sure you scratch the paint back so that you can get a good metal to metal contact.

Next, I think you should check the wiring of the solenoid. It sounds like to me that it may be wired backwards. The starter and ignition wires should be on the left and the battery wire should be on the right. left and right determined by standing in front of the solenoid looking directly at the 2 little posts. also check that you have the 2 little posts on the correct sides. This is a common problem on Fords when you cant start from the switch.
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Also, make sure to use a Motorcraft solenoid. A lot of crappy ones out there.
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Check out this old Thread, 1st. use search by user name and ( enter) RussTheMechanic, after threads come up look at Ford F-150 Starter thread. Good Luck on Your Repair. Russ

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