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Question Fuel Injectors

I have a '96 Dodge Ram 1500 , 5.9L V-8. I had the dealership look at my truck to see what was wrong (check engine light came on)... and they said I had a clogged Injector. They wanted almost $400 to do it... so I decided to do it myself. I got all 8 Injectors out ( want to clean them all). I heard that putting the Cleaner in the gas tank doesnt really work that good... So I'm using Carb Cleaner. I cant seem to get the injectors themself to come apart. Do all injetors come apart?? or only certain ones? If tey all come apart... how can I tell if mine will??.. or how to do it?? THX
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if you can manage to get one apart, you ain't getting it back together! it's very unlikely that the injector is clogged 'inside', lately i've seen many an injector with the top screen clogged solid enough to cause it to run bad. if that's the only problem with yours, just clean the screen. simply take some compressed air and a little spray cleaner (brake cleaner, gumout)and blow across the top. while you have the rail off and all the injectors out, do the same thing to the inside of it, spray a little, blow a little until it comes out clean. you might also want to measure the resistance of your injectors, should be between 12-14 ohms, if it's far outside that, no cleaning is going to fix them. i'd tell you to replace the fuel filter, but you better set a whole day aside for that(not really), the only one is at the bottom of the fuel pump, inside the tank, if your still interested in that, let me know, i'll walk you through it.

no, in tank injector cleaners usually don't work for a clogged injector, other things like deposits on intake valves and combustion chambers-yes, but not for what you have
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Yeah... I see they wont come apart.. I was just trying to be sure that they didnt...I didnt want to find out they did after I put it all back together..lol. I dont have the screen on the top like you mentioned. So I'm just gonna clean them the best I can and hope that it fixes the problem. If it doesnt I'll just buy new injectors. Thx for the help.

Oh... and as for the filter in the tank... I'll let the boys at the dealership do that (if need to be done). Thats the pleasure of an extended warranty.. But the injectors weren't covered.. oh well. Thx again
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The CORRECT and best way to clean fuel injectors (if you must) is to do them ultrasonically on an ASNU machine. Chemical cleaners through the rail usually don't do much and you may degrade the seals causing a leak.

As I recall, the injectors for this are fairly cheap. If you know which one is bad, just replace it. Any parts store can furnish the correct replacement too. Bring the old one with you so they can match up the ID #s from it.

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