Engine Replace


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Engine Replace

I have a 94 Ford Ranger XLT. Right now I have the stock V6 3.0 in it with about 100,000 miles on it. The truck itself is in great shape (body and Interior). The motor however has been sitting for about a year (in the truck still). Anyway, I want to try and make the truck sporty and I'm tired of all this computerized stuff. Any ideas on what the biggest and/or strongest motor I can probably fit in there without having to make alot of room? And With out spending as much as a new truck.lol

I know friends have told me .. I should just get a different truck if I want more sporty... but I know what has been done to this truck .. good and bad. So I feel that kinda means alittle something to me.. if you understand what I mean.
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How big is your budget? You can stuff just about anything in there, but your wallet better be big.

Plan on changing the computer, suspension, wiring, the cost of the engine, various other parts, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

The cost of doing all this would easily net you V8 Ford F Series truck with all the sport parts/performance parts you can shake a stick at.

My vote? Leave the truck alone. Fire it up. If it runs fine, keep driving it till the engine fails. When it does, make a decision to rebuild/replace the truck.

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