1987 Honda Accord Hatchback


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1987 Honda Accord Hatchback

Hey Joe:

If you are out there.....it's me Deb...ya know...the one with the Honda with the rear brake and power steering problem.

Well...my cousin has a 1987 Honda Accord Hatchback that is overheating. Since the fans DO work and she has made sure the water and antifreeze are adequate prior to driving the car...think it might be the hoses? She says that she can get to where she is going but as soon as she turns the car off......water just pours out.

Where do you suggest we start on this one?

I know that the problems she and I are having with our "Hondas" doesn't look good for the car, however, I have personally owned two myself in the past and both of them had over 300,000 miles on the original motors. One I traded to a friend and the other blew up on the way to Vegas. If you take care of them....they might run forever.

Thanks for your help.

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Thermostat is stuck closed, is the most likely problem.
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I agree with Dale, and now's a good time to service the cooling system as well. If the belts and hoses are old, change them too. Have the radiator boiled out if it's been a while since the coolant was changed.

Um, I wouldn't buy a Honda in a million years but that's me. My life is not worth being crushed in aluminum can grade steel during an accident or being scrunched in a small passenger compartment. I hate their styling, I feel like I'm in a dishwasher. LOL. They also rust to virtual dust, burn oil after they get old and the parts prices are up there, and I have seen their quality slip over the years.

Not to mention I only support the U.S., not the Japanese economy where possible . Off my soapbox now. LOL.

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