What is a good mid size american car that can be bought used for a cheap price?


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What is a good mid size american car that can be bought used for a cheap price?

Your Input:
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That's way too open ended of a question.

Anything from a $1200 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass to $20,000 for a new Buick Regal.

Depends on too many factors to give a recommendation.
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Under 5000. Front wheel drive
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I'm partial to the buicks.. Lesabre's, Park Ave's.. Front Wheel Drive, 3.8 4 door..
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Cheap car

If you are looking for something under $5000, you will have to go with a used car. I am partial to Chevy's. Loved Dinah Shore and the song "drove my Chevy to the levy." I bought my first car a year ago, a KIA for $10,000 with a 5 year warranty. Love it. My husband and I always bought Oldsmobile Cutlass, a great car with good performance for many years. He's still driving one that is about 15 years old. My dad favored Fords, but his name was Ford, so that may explain that. Guys I talk with say Chevys out perform Fords, and they criticize my KIA. But, hey, I don't have any money. I have a new car with a warranty, low monthly payments ($238) and no problems.
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Try Consumer Reports. They have "Best Car buys under X dollars" in their Buyer's Guides.
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used car

Buicks in really good shape are generally available. They are mostly bought by older folks, (hmmm, me in a few years), who don't drive lots of miles and take good care of their cars. GM cars are rebadged as chevys olds, pontiacs in pretty similar models.

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good points frank I thinking about a lumina
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Under 5 grand will net you a Lumina with alot of miles and likely an older model one---may require some work to get into shape.

Get a 3.1 model. Lackluster performance, crude and rough, but gets the job done.

Me? For 5 g's I'd get a nice Fleetwood Brougham rear wheel drive. Seats six, comfortable, can tow, cheap for parts, easy to fix, stylish and safe in an accident .
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Please stay away from any 3.1 from the mid ninetys even if it has only 75k miles on it. The truth is coming out with the head gasket problems! I had it on 95 monte and 95 grand am, and I have seen it before on this board a few times.
Joes right, gets the job done thats it.
Just bought a 90 Buick Lesabre, 3.8 4 door 128k.... and all the laughing friends you can handle! dont bother me, paid 1500 for it, best running used car I ever had. Although it handles like a fat man chasing a cat, around tight corners!! And I hear the 3.8 head gasket design is quality, motor should last me till 200+
AS LONG AS I DO regular maintainance and keep the fluids changed!
if I have learned anything from this board it is that!!
Thanks Joe!
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Good for you . LOL They aren't bad cars if looks are not a matter, agreed there.

Regular maintenance is key for any vehicle, no matter what it is. Any machine from a lawn mower to a Rolls Royce requires maintenance.
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Not sure why you would want a front drive mid size american car, imo just about the worst combination you can have. (i know i am going to get flamed for that one)

Some of the most reliable cars in the world can be had for under 5000, pick up a clean used 80's or 90's Ford Crown Victoria, or a chevy caprice. Run forever, can't beat a full size american with a 350 or a 302.
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Thumbs up

True, an American V8 will run forever if properly maintained.
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I picked up a 93 Buick Century, not my first choice but I park in the streets of Manhattan, had 72,000 miles on it with all records. It was owned by an older gent who was giving driving up. I paid $1500 and have put another 2000, into it. It wasn't necessary but I wanted it to handle a little. Tires, Bilstein shocks and struts, and alternator and a trans switch, tune and all filters, belt and hoses and all fluids. The car runs like a top, handles moderately well, can carry a huge load and now should be maintainance free for a while. It's comfortable and best of all my wife likes to drive it and feels comfortable in it. Parts are cheap and plentiful. It has a 3.3 with an 3 speed auto, air and power everything. I expect to keep it for the next 10 years. Best of all Buicks in good to excellent shape are for sale on the used car market for very cheap. I also get 29 miles to the gallon. Check them out.

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