steering linkage


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steering linkage

1989 Ford Escort.

If your steering linkage is leaking, would there be a decrease in the power steering fluid, or would you see some spotting on the ground?

I was told that my steering linkage is leaking. The person that told me this poured out alot of liquid that he said leaked into the boot. The amount of liquid that poured onto the ground was quite a bit. I checked the fluid as soon as I left there, and again today (two weeks later) and it is still in the normal position, even after all that he spilled onto the floor.

My question is: About 6 months ago, during winter, the power steeing fluid froze up a little and seemed a little low. We went to fill it, and over flowed the liquid, and lost some onto the ground. Could this liquid they see in the boot and on the linkage be just all that over flow that was lost?

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Not sure the person that told you that knows very much. LOL.

If there are spots on the floor, it's either a) overfilled and burping out the excess or b) there is a leak.

This vehicle is "blessed" with rack and pinion steering. Most leaks are from the rack, the power steering pump, or the hoses. The latter is the most likely first, then the rack then the pump.

Ford P/s pumps are trash though and go out frequently. It sounds like a moaning dog when it does.
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I don't have any of the symptoms. No leakage on the ground, no missing fluid, no moaning.

I took the car in to be inspected, and he said I needed a brake evaluation because of some brake problems. When he took apart whatever he needed to take apart on the brakes, is when he said all the liquid found in the boot was from the steering linkage leaking, and the rack would need to be replaced to pass the inspection. But like I stated, I have not seen any diappearance of any power steering fluid, so I was wondering if the fluid he found in the boot could be what I overflowed when I filled it.

If the linkage was leaking would I see missing fluid???

I was ready to just junk the car as he stated I needed $800 worth of work on brakes and this rack. I just spent $600 on tires, alignment, ball joints and spindle knuckle. I am going to take it somewhere else tomorrow to be checked.

Would this have been noticed when the ball joints, knuckle, or alignment was done. These things were done by 2 different people, and hard to believe that one of them wouldn't have noticed the rack leaking.

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It is common for rack and pinion systems to leak out of the end seals, but the fluid remains trapped inside the bellows boots, and show only a slight speap.. If the remote resevoir was overfilled in the past, it is very possible to see a normal level now, but actually have a leak.
I'm my opinion, who ever did the alignment should have been the person to catch the leak. In order to adjust the "toe" of the car, it's proper to remove the outer clamps on the bellows boots, so that they don't get twisted out of shape when turning the inner tie rods. This is when the leak should have been caught, if it existed at that time.
Were you shown exactly where the leak and fluid came from, or just shown a bunch of fluid? I think I'd want to be shown...?

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