3000GT fast stalling: MAP/MAF Codes?


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Angry 3000GT fast stalling: MAP/MAF Codes?

3000GT SL 1996. Drives like a new car . . . until, it just stalls. The check engine light comes on and then it's dead. After 15-20 minutes it starts up again. The diagnostic says Mass Air Flow Meter AND Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (Codes).
QUESTION: Repair shop says," Both need to be replaced. Dealer says MAFM needs to be replaced (MAP is a byproduct of the MAFM being bad). Air Flow Meter sits on top of the engine and shop says 1/2 hr time table. CAN I DO THIS MYSELF.
Also, been told if the check engine light goes back out (which it does) then I don't have a hard code and the codes won't need clearing. ANY INPUT IS MUCH APPRECIATED. Ps. . . It's been a super car!
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Both parts can be tested by an auto parts store before damning them as bad, especially the MAF, which would cause stalling and problems like that.

Get a $25 alldata.com subscription and diagnose it yourself if you're serious about fixing it.

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