Windshield Wiper came off


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Windshield Wiper came off

I have a 98 Jeep Wrangler Automatic. My passenger side windshield wiper came off - and I want to put it back on.

I have no idea if I'm using the right vocabulary - but I'll try to describe whats going on as best I can. The wiper itself connects to the car by way of some kind of metal ring with ridges - but this metal ring just spins on its 'axle'.

I took the driver's side wiper off - the ring on that side doesn't spin at all. I thought I might be able to epoxy or solder the ring back so it doesn't turn. By the way - the driver's side wiper works just fine - there's only a problem with the passenger side.

I wasn't sure what kind of epoxy/solder to use - so I took it to a repair shop to see if they could look at it/tell me what it'd cost to fix. The guy said that my wiper transmission needed to be replaced. I left because I felt like he was trying to put one over on me.

Is it possible I need to replace my wiper transmission because of this? Can I simply epoxy the ring back so it won't spin? What kind of epoxy should I use or should I solder it?


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Probably the grooved end on the vehicle side is stripped so the wiper arm doesn't lock in place and just flops around when the wipers are on. Depends on whether the arm is stripped or the vehicle side (transmission) is stripped.

Yes, sometimes that is part of the wiper transmission. No, it cannot be epoxied or soldered. Has to be replaced. If you were inclined to, jam the wiper arm on and drilll a hole down the center and put a self tapping screw. Not going anywhere now .

But that's hokey and this is a new vehicle. Fix it right with a new OEM part. Any Chrysler dealer can order it for you.
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