Clutch Fluid


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Clutch Fluid


I was told by my honda dealer that i should replace my clutch fluid on my 1997 civic. They said I had water in it. It's never been replaced before. Im at 92000 kilometers.

I wonder how they know that there is water in it. They wanted $70 + taxes. I was hoping that i could do this myself.

What do you guys think?

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Clutch uses DOT 3/4 brake fluid.
You cannot just replace it, the system need to bleed.

The whole process is pretty simple.
First drain all the brake fluid from clutch cylinder (I think honda has one. some cars share the brake master cylinder) refill with clean fluid.

then bleed the system. One person to pump the clutch to create pressure in the system, another person have to open the clutch slave cylinder bleed screw at the right time. The process is the same as bleeding the brake fluid. The only difference is that you operate the clutch.

For some cars, the clutch slave cylinder need to be removed. This has something to do with the direction the bleeding screw. If your slave cylinder bleeding screw points to downward, you may have to take the slave cylinder out & make sure that this screw points upward while bleeding.
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I agree. Get a manual to guide you.
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Baggs, I'm just a fair shade tree mechanic who's not afraid to tackle about anything, and I think that dealer is trying to get into your wallet. Of course the fluid has water in it, your brake fluid has water in it, too. Not very much most likely, and probably not enough to worry about. The reason that fluid is used is because it will safely mix with water. It's hygroscopic, it absorbs water from the air. Every time you remove the cap from the reservoir it soaks up water. But not enough to worry about. And they want $70? That's for about half of a 3 buck can of fluid and about 10 minutes of labor. Did he offer to change the fluid in your brake system too? Don't get me wrong, I believe in bleeding clutch and brake systems, in fact I just did my truck. But if I can do it in 10 minutes (if I can get my wife to pump the pedal) something is wrong here.
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my 3 cents

I would change it but I am the kind of guy that changes EVERY fluid this includes clutch and brake and power steering. If you have ever noticed the brake fluid and clutch fluid get pretty nasty looking.
I change my clutch and brake fluid about every 60 thousand miles. The book says nothing about changing these items but I feel it to be good preventive maintenance.
Brake fluid is not a high dollar item and if you buy a large good quality can like Castrol you cant go wrong.
You will like seeing that new light gold color instead of that brown fluid and your hydraulic system will like it also.
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