A Mitsubishi Moment . . . 3000GT again


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A Mitsubishi Moment . . . 3000GT again

Great car except when it stalls in the middle of an intersection. Thanks for the reply. I did not know I could take the MAF it into a parts store for a check. Could you tell me if the Mass Air Flow Meter can be installed easily (I have the new one). On the face, it looks simple (hahaha). A general question about codes: My check engine light only goes on when it's going to stall and once it's done the breakdown thing and it finally starts again . . . the light goes back off. If the part is replaced do codes STILL need to be erased? THANKS FOR ANY REPLIES! Those Mitsubishi Moments!
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Use the reply button instead of posting a new post each time...otherwise continuity is lost.

As stated, pick up a $25 Alldata.com subscription---will have all you need if autolibrary.org below doesn't have it.

These 3000GTs/Dodge Stealths are far from stellar cars. Very cheap quality, very problem ridden and expensive to upkeep in the long haul.
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