Camry radio antenna problem


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Camry radio antenna problem

1995 Toyota Camry

Does anyone know how to fix a broken retractable antenna? When it goes up, it sounds fine until it reaches the end. Then it makes a really loud grinding sound as if a gear is slipping on the motor and just keeps spinning. I took the whole unit out of the car and would like to try and fix it myself. Does anyone know what could be wrong? It's too annoying to ignore. Thanks.
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suggest either replacing the whole unit or leaving the antenna up all the time and the motor disconnected, it really isnt servicable you could proabably find a universal model that will work on you vehicle also, which may save you alot versus one from the dealer.
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You might check radio shack or crutchfield. Either has decent prices on these universal units. OEM would be the best bet but more bucks for sure. Might try a local salvage yard also.
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I'd go with a new OEM unit. It will fit and work the best.
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Investigated fixing the one on my brother's '93 Sable (oldest son ran it through carwash with antenna up; ripped off top section). On these the mast and geared tail section are replaceable; takes a little disassembly to get to the mechanism. If you have the unit out already and plan on fixing it one way or the other you might take it apart and see how it works (check with Toyota first for the replacement part; no sense taking it apart if there are no repair parts available. Also, if the bad part is on the motor portion and not the mast section, the new mast won't fix the problem). If parts are available and you take it apart, the internal workings should be pretty easy to understand.

Side note: I didn't do an oem fix on his; the replacement mast (just the mast and tailpiece!) was $70. No telling what a full unit would be. Considering the age and expected lifespan of the car (I'm just finishing head gasket job on it) I opted for engineering the installation of a non-powered telescoping mast ($7) in the power antenna housing. Can't tell it from oem except you have to manually stow it. I was surprised to see that Discount Auto Parts actually actually had aftermarket replacement units, but the $45 price tag was still too rich for this refugee from the crusher.
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The mast and tail/gear assy is available from Toyota about $30-$40. New complete unit around $200

Easy to change, remove nut that holds ant to body. Turn on radio it will spit out the old mast. Intstall new one by inserting new tail/gear into hole and turning off radio while feeding mast in.

Only problem in your case is old tail/gear is broken in the ant spool assy. That's why it makes noise when it goes all the way up. No biggie you have to R&R the ant remove the cover and take out the broken piece.


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