ford charging problem


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ford charging problem

2 wks ago wouldnt start. jumped out solenoid.replaced solenoid.
now voltmeter on instrument panel shows low charge and drops when air is on . at a stoplight with brakes, air and blinker on it fluctuates.- went to wally world.... battery was bad so got a new everstart ( i know, not the best, but it was prorated and we are strapped for cash)
put battery in . showed good charge. but dropped under load again. autozone checked new battery in vehicle stated it was good . - alt. check at idle not good.- alt. check 2000 rpm ok .
checked battery myself - 12.5 off - 12.73 idle( didnt get to check with voltmeter above idle ) but volt guage on instrument panel seems to climb a little when cruising only still not as high as it should. also drove around town all day and battery still good- no problems starting - only under load
would you say that the alt is shot? or is it possibly a wiring problem? THANKS
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Sounds like a wasted alternator to me. Change the belt at the same time you R&R the alternator.
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"Wally World"

That's funny.
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Either the alternator is not suppling full amps due to stretched belt or alternator old age, OR the car has a heavy electrical drain. Hmmmm? I vote to test or replace the alternator. Here's why.

A heavy electrical drain often has 'extra' symptoms, like the blower motor is weak, or the dash board voltage gauge drops when you turn on the rear window defogger, or the power windows sound funny, or you just added a 40 amp eating boom box, etc. If there are no others symptoms, change the alternator.

I just now noticed that you have front and rear air. When you replace the alternator be sure to get the correct one for your car since there are likely at least two alternators listed for your vehicle. You will need the higher amp alternator to power the rear air. If for some unknown reason, your current alternator was replaced once before, and is the wrong size, then that would account for the problem.
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changed alt... problem gone!! i had read haynes manual before i started and noticed in the procedure of removing alt. it stated to remove the front passenger tire ( gotta be a misprint i thought)
well guess what was off this 90 aerostar 30 minutes into the project???
the right front passenger tire so you could reach the alt. pivot bolt!
thanks for the suggestions.
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Good for you.

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