Crankshaft pully


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Question Crankshaft pully

I'm in the middle of replacing the water pump on a '87 Mazda B2000 and I need to get the Crankshaft pully off. Do I need an impact wrench? Any suggestions would be great. This is one of those that requires the timing belt, alternator, and just about anything else you can think of to be removed to get to the water pump.

Thanks, Dale
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Ya It would be nice. I have used a strap wrench around the crank pully and got them that way or look for an erea in the bell housing you can grap the teeth on the ring gear with a large flat head screw driver or prybar and dont knock out your teeth. If equipted with a manual tranny in gear with e-brake on may help but usually just moves the truck. The hardest part will be that you make sure to properly line up the timing marks . These are valve smashers (interferance). The electric impacts seem to work P.D.G.
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Hey I was thinking of a 2.2L. 2.0L are not interferance according to alldata, however still treat it like it is. Good luck
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Some good advice from Sdogg. You can also use the force of the starter CAREFULLY by wedging a socket with a pipe and giving a quick shot of the key. Do so at your own risk and disconnect the coil wire so it doesn't start and knock your head off!

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