1998 - 2000 Dodge Intrepid??


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1998 - 2000 Dodge Intrepid??

I am considering purchasing a used 99 to 2000 Dodge Intrepid and would like some feedback as to reliability, known problems, weaknesses, tendencies. Most likely the vehicle I will bepurchasing will be a well maintained one with 65 to 80K miles on her. Have heard there may be a design flaw in the 2.7L engine along with electrical problems but would like more feedback.
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Roomy cars, drive well, look fairly decent...

Bottom barrel quality, cheap plastic, poor longevity and likely resale value as well.

Way too high mileage for 4 year old car.
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Rediculously slowwwwwwwww. Quicker to get out and skip. Or at least couple that I've driven.
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hey NHT, a couple things to look for, 1. maintenance 2. maintenance 3. maintenance, any other questions?
ask the owner for all his receipts of everything he's had done, if he doesn't have any, there's a chance it's a ticking timebomb. don't judge it by a clean interior, shiny rims or a clean(just steamcleaned) engine. if you don't know what to look for, call to a few chrysler or dodge dealers, see if anybody has any promotions for a free safety check, believe me, they will point out everything wrong they can find, if not, you might have to pay up to 1/2 hour of their labor rate for a thorough checkover(usually well worth it ).

the most important thing to check with ANY used car purchase is for a sludged up engine, after you buy it and change the oil for the first time, the fresh load of detergents (in the new oil) will loosen up just enough of the sludge to clog the oil pickup, starve the engine of it's 'blood' (oil) and lead to immediate engine failure. the number of engines i've replaced in the last 15 years is easily around 200+, there was not one that wasn't sludged up with a clogged oil pickup, NOT ONE!(ok, maybe one) mileage ranges from 14,000 (on the original oil filter)to 120,000 and on any engine, 4cyl, v6, v8, v10.

the biggest offender by far are lease turn-ins, some almost make it to 36,000 miles, usually not though, and guess what, chrysler comes out to look at the insides of the engine, that and the customer's lack of oil change receipts will void your warranty, extended warranty or not. you have to change your oil at least every 3500-4000 miles, 3000 preferred.

on to intrepids with 2.7s, i haven't seen too many or any with "common failure" (trend) electrical problems (and we have a pretty large rental fleet too) maybe a radiator fan here or there. plastic is used everywhere, on every car made in the last 20 years, so you should be familiar with "cheap plastic". as for the engines, you can look with a bright flashlight in to the oil fill cap hole and see a cam cap, if you don't understand, mention it to someone (the dealer?) who does and look for black tar, if it's glopped on like driveway sealer, close the hood and run like heck!
i'm not a 'new car' type person(way too expensive) but i had the opportunity this past winter when a customer traded in a 98 2.7 intrepid, (with a spun bearing), for a thousand dollars, i snatched it up(with 100,000miles) . i completely rebuilt the engine for $800 in parts, it turns out the drain plug was stripped, it had a jiffy lube universal rubber plug and the guy unknowingly drove it without oil. "MY" reviews after driving it for about 5,000 miles, very roomy and comfortable driving, suspension is top notch(it will suck up almost any sized pothole, dip or rut) handles on-ramps at any speed with ease, ice cold air conditioning, very smooth trans, huge trunk, it's an easy car to drive. negatives,(i'm honest) not the torquiest engine, you need to push ths gas pedal usually 3/4 to merge with any traffic, i don't think i'd like it if i lived in a hilly or mountainess area, but i'll gladly take the fuel mileage(30 mpg), remember this is a small v6(my other cars have power if i feel the need). probably the number one complaint, there's no chevy bowtie on the grill, so that makes it "bottom barrel" quality.
check out kbb.com and see if the price is right for you, if you were buying a house, you'd have a professional look it over first, my house isn't going to leave me stranded on the interstate 700 miles from home with a $6000 repair bill, have a professional look at it!
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Thanks for all the info guys I really appreciate it honestly.
mike in NJ I agree with you on the bowtie problem as I am a blue oval kind of guy myself.
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