tensioner pulley again


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tensioner pulley again

I know i asked this question before but please bear with me. i have a 97 plymouth voyager, v6 3.0 litre automatic with air conditioning. now, the van is squeeling pretting bad at idle and goes away when you increase the engine rpm's. the problem goes away for a week or so if i spray the belt and or front of the tensioner pulley with a little wd-40, then it comes back. i had it in to the garage and they said that the tension/pulley is bent and that it is not running true. i called the parts store and they have just the pulley ($17.00) or the whole pulley/tensioner assembly($80). not sure which to do. now, to dissaemble this i put a wrench on the center bolt in the pulley, releive tension and remove the belt. do i need any special tools to get the pulley off the tensioner( puller etc.) or will it just come off. then how does the tensioner assembly itself come off. Sorry for all the questions , just want to get this right before i attempt it. thanks
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Replace the entire tensioner with an OEM part from Chrysler.

Follow the directions in autolibrary.org to help guide you.
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To replace the pulley or the complete assembly, you only need ordinary sockets and wrenches. The pulley is held in place by the center bolt as you have observed. The center bolt may or may not have a nut on the backside.

Usually you just replace the pulley when the bearings are shot. If the bearings are fine but the pulley is not properly aligned, that could give cause to simply replace the assembly.

Optionally, you could examine the assembly to identify why it is bent. Check to see that the brackets bolts and the center bolt are all tight. Check to see if any part is broke or cracked. Check to see if the pulley bearings are tight and have no play in them.

This advice assumes that the tensioner is indeed bent. You can often eyeball the misaligned culprit which greatly simplifies the task. If there is any doubt in your mind, then consider past belt related repairs, for example; Did the squeal start a few months after a prior alternator replacement?
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Money and time ahead by replacing entire unit and be done with it.
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Agree with Darrell.
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hey jcraft, i'm glad to hear someone trying to fix their own car, here's what you need to do. put the car up on ramps, set the e-brake hard, take the belt off like you did already, shine a drop light or flashlight to the back of where the tensioner mounts(way under the car-- the back of the engine) , get a 15mm deep socket on the back of the tensioner assembly, the pulley and bearing are always ok, the pivot bushing inside the tens. is usually seized solid or worn out like you have, making the pulley run off center of the others, the ones from the dealer seem to last longer i feel, when you go to install it--there is a notch on the back that has to fit into a hole in the bracket, hold the tensioner into that hole and tighten it good, the belt may or may not be quiet with all the junk you sprayed on it, if it is noisy still, make sure you clean the other pulleys or you can recontaminate the new belt

hope that helps
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