98 Dodge Avenger front end problem


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Question 98 Dodge Avenger front end problem

I have a 98 dodge avenger and noticed when rotating the tires that I could move the tire in and out from top to bottom.
Developed a grinding noise from that wheel afterwards
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If you can move the tire while at the same time, not moving the steering linkage components (front tire), then that indicates play in the bearing. That play will eventually ruin the bearing and cause a grinding noise.

In short, sounds like you have a bad bearing or set of bearings.
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Agreed. Check the balljoints at the same time.
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If the grinding noise appeared right away and wasn't there before you may want to take that wheel off and have a peek at things.
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a dodge avenger with a front end problem, i haven't seen one of those lately(not in the last five minutes anyway!) first question, did you have recall 967 done(correctly) if not, i would consider towing it to a dealer, this is a serious one, if you don't know if it was, call any dealer with your vin number and they will tell you over the phone, the ball joints wear out very prematurely and will lead to sudden total loss of control of your vehicle, we had 'many' vehicles towed in with the axles ripped out and the tire sticking a foot out of the wheelwell, two had a large tree dent in the dead center of the bumper. do i have your attention yet? according to the recall we were supposed to inspect for wear and if none found, apply sealer to the botton seal.. (a bandaid on a gunshot wound if i ever saw one), i replaced every one i found worn or not(some were scary)!

it's good that you're rotating your own tires, but if you can't make the distinction between a worn ball joint or wheel bearing or tie-rod end(same design as the ball joints) you will need to have someone who can--look at it quickly!

also, if you have those beautiful shiny (non-original) rims that stick out of the wheelwell any bit(pronounced---different offset)which seems to be today's fad, they will eat the wheel bearings up like me on potato chips, when they stick out, they dramatically increase the leverage on the outer half of the (sealed) bearing and they can't handle it, so they will keep on failing

the scraping sound leads me to believe it might be a bearing going bad, reread paragraph two
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