1993 ford taurus 3.8 v-6 drivebelt


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corey fox
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1993 ford taurus 3.8 v-6 drivebelt

my girlfriend just got this car and the a/c pulley froze up and broke the belt.she doesnt have enough $ to go get a new a/c.so my question is can i get the belt for the same make and model w/o an a/c and install w/o putting the belt on the a/c?would the a/c pulley still be in the way?she doesnt really need the a/c she just needs to get to work and back.thanks for your help.
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No, you cannot bypass the A/C compressor.
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darrell McCoy
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If you unplug the compressor wire, will the pulley turn then? Unless it is really locked good, the pulley should turn if compressor is disconnected. Unless however the bearing is frozen.
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These compressors usually take out the pulley bearing when they seize, which means unplugging the compressor won't do any good.

The correct fix is to replace the compressor & other required parts with new parts. NEVER buy a reman compressor for this model Ford. They're junk.

The cheap fix is to have a qualified shop recover any remaining refrigerant from the system. You can then replace the compressor with a junkyard unit. The a/c won't work, but at least you can install the belt & she can drive the car.
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