1965 ford falcon(headlight probs)please help


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corey fox
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1965 ford falcon(headlight probs)please help

i just bought this veh. for a cheap price.definately a fixr upr.its got a straight v-6 ,size unknown.the problem is that when i turn the headlights on they start to flash as if on a blinker.ive tried chasing wires but it appears the prior owner tried making their own adjustments.how can i get my headlights to work so i can drive at night?
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If you can't get a wiring diagram.I would start at the switch and head forward to the dimmer switch and out to the headlamps.Attempt to find matching wire colors to find out where the previous so called repair occured.
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I agree. Take note of the color and stripe of the wire. It will remain the same color from connection to connection. Then you can trace it back to the next connector, fuse or switch, and so on.

As an emergency repair, hot wire the headlamps direct to the battery. Open the hood to turn them on (connect), open the hood to them them off(disconnect), but hey it will work if you have to drive to work tonight.

By hot wiring the lamps, you may be masking a problem like a short to ground. That could drain your battery before you get to work. So be sure and buy an inline automotive fuse holder for a couple of bucks and splice it in the hot wired circuit, on the positive side somewhere near the battery post or source of power.

The only drawback is that I don't know offhand, what size of fuse you will need.
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I agree with Davo. Get a wiring diagram. An old Chilton, Mitchell or Motor should have it---you're going to need it anyhow .

Assume that the previous owner knew nothing and did it all wrong--start with the wiring diagram to correct it wire by wire.
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Old Fords have a circuit breaker built into the switch. Sometimes the breaker becomes weak and trips on and off. Replacing the headlite switch would correct the problem.

If both headlites flash that would indicate a bad switch. If one headlite flashes and one dosen't, the side that dosen't light has a short.

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Here is a link I found to a wiring diagram that may help you. I agree with Toyotaman about the switch.
Hope this helps you,

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fine automobile

What you have is a fine example of vintage American Iron. They don't make them like that any more.
I would restore the car to the way it was in its prime days 0f 1965.
You can find parts for such an old beauty still just look in GOOGLE there are many Ford restoration places that will sell everything from Complete wiring harness to Original look alike batteries and lots of other stuff.
I would restore and drive with pride, You will get noticed more driving the old Ford then if you were in a brand new cookie cutter car I promise you that.
Keep the old American iron alive. You are a lucky person to have such vintage iron.
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Corey..... LOL.... I just reread your initial post. A straight v-6?? Thats funny. Im sure it was a slip of the digits...LOL. What you most likely have is a 170cid inline 6cyl. I have a 1963 Mercury Comet with the same engine, 3speed on the column. One of the first cars I drove when I got my license way back when was my dads 1965 Falcon 4 door. He loves those cars. Good Luck and Enjoy it.
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65 falcon

i agree with the headlight switch if both lights are blinking off and on then thats your problem ive owned many fords including a 65 falcon and seen this problem many times and it always ended up being the headlight switch
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The headlgiht switch sounds like it might be the problem. Just a word of advice though. If it appears somebody has tampered with it in the past, rewire them. I had this problem with my 64 chevy. Turn signals didnt work, brake light, nothin. Got in there and found a mess of wires all messed up. Should be pretty easy to do with some patience. restore the car as it's a beauty.
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Another vote for the headlight switch. I once had a 67 stang, and it seems everything went through the headlight switch. I had headlight, brake and turn signal problems all solved by a headlight switch.

On another note, I spent hours memorizing the underdash wiring diagrams of a 67 mustang, your car should not be so different. The wiring on these older vehicles is really simple, and easy for even a novice to work on, such as I was back in the day. Good luck!
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Falcon headlamp problem

Your headlamp switch has a bi-metallic hinge (auto-re-set circuit breaker) built into to it. This breaker is seeing to much current flow for design and thus is triping on and off. Excess current flow could be from a short to ground or excessive load. Check current flow with amp meter. Current should not be more then 15/20 amps.
If you don't have a meter then take neg battery cable off and insert 20 amp in-line fuse between bat post and cable while holding contact points on switch breaker shut. If you blow the fuse look for a short or overload condition.
The bi-metallic hinge spring will some times get weak due to age and will cycle even with normal amp loads, but this is very rare. In this case you will have to replace the switch.

lots of luck,

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