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Normally, I would not post such a type of post, but I think this one has mutual benefit.

I have come across a lot of OEM Service manuals that I cannot use as they do not fit the cars I drive. I would be willing to sell them very reasonably to anyone interested here plus the cost of shipping. The OEM's charge $100+ for many of them. I'm not looking to become a millionaire here. LOL If there's no takers, they go on Ebay as some already have.

Darrell: I believe I have one for your 1986 Taurus.
Jeremy: I believe I have some 1986 Ford manuals that suit your vehicles.
EasyWind: I have some 1985 Chrysler ones, have to look if there's one for a van or not.

Mostly GM, Ford and Chrysler from 1985 to about 1988/89, but there are others mixed in there, a few OEM Toyota manuals.

You can e-mail me at bigjfig@aol.com. Put the year, make, model in the subject line and I'll look for you if it's in this lot of manuals in my reply. Identify who you are on this forum, so I know .

Thanks and hope it helps someone out...
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darrell McCoy
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Dont have any fords. been GM for at least 40 years.
Darrell. -- I got an 86 chevy cav. and 84 S-10 S/T factory manual I need to unload.
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I thought you posted about a Taurus once here---memory must be failing. LOL

I remember off the top of my head in the lot:

1985 Grand Am
1985 Firebird/Trans Am
1985 Corvette----already has a bid on Ebay now.
1976-84 Subaru (Bentley manual) On Ebay now.
1985 Cavalier
1985 T1000
1985 Chevette
1985 Parisienne/Full Size Pontiac
1988 MR2 (On Ebay)
1988 Celica All-Trac (On Ebay)
1970-83 Rover, Jaguar, MG, Triumph parts manual (On Ebay)
1986 Ford Car, various
1986 Ford Taurus, looseleaf bound
1986 Ford truck, all Light Series
1986 Ford truck, F Series, Heavy
1985 Chrysler, various, including Fifth Avenue
1986 Chrysler if memory serves me right.

etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Enough to complete fill the trunk and almost back seat of my 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88!


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