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What do you think?

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06-21-03, 11:22 AM   #1  
What do you think?

I want to know what everybody thinks about a couple items for our vehicles.

First, are the "triple dipped sugar coated platnium spark plugs" worth the price? I have used all types and the only difference is the platnium last longer.

Second, what do you think of the new "high mileage" oils that have emerged in the past couple years? Again, is the price worth it or do you get the same benefits from normal oil.

Are there any other products that you like or have questions about? Can we really keep our cars going for a million miles so we can trade in that K&N filter.

BTW, no negatives about cars or people here, just products.

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06-21-03, 03:57 PM   #2  
Spark plugs:

Stay with the OEM # recommended by the car maker. Anything else is a waste of money. I run regular AC Delco in all my GM cars. All deliver great service and economy. The plugs run me $1.50 at most.

High mileage oil is a marketing ploy. Regular oil which meets or exceeds the owner's manual API rating and is the proper OEM recommended grade is all you need. Not much huge difference between brands. Change your oil and filter regularly and there's no problem.

K&N filter: Waste of money. Stock OEM filter is far superior in the long haul.

Bottom line: It's not the high priced products you throw at the car that keep it going---it's the regularity of your maintenance practices.

Billions of fleet miles prove that.

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06-21-03, 04:36 PM   #3  
I have used split fire plugs in my Suburban, and F150, I did some comparing to regular plugs back when split fires first came on the market, you had to mail order them then. I had then a Brand spanking new 87 GMC Jimmy full size with 350 tbi, auto transmission and 3.73 gears. My gas mileage with stock plugs was averaging 12-13 mpg in town driving, after switching to the split fires my mileage went up to just under 15 mpg just by changing the plugs.
The reasoning for the split in the side electrode is not two sparks but it opens up the area for the flame travel at the plug, if I remember correctly. One of the Car enthusiast magazines at the time did a report on the plugs they reported that the emissions were cleaner with these plugs also better power.
I would not have thought that it would make that much difference, but it did.
Now I have the Bosch +2 in each vehicle and I have not seen a drop in mileage, as a matter of fact I am happy that with the Suburban I get 13 mpg in town driving, it is a 1990 vintage with a 350 tbi auto transmission and 3.73 gears and 177,000 miles on it.

Just my .02

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