1995 Plymouth Voyager


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1995 Plymouth Voyager

Yes I have a 95 Plymouth Voyager and when I turn to the right or just corner to the right I hear a clicking noise down near the wheel. When I turn to left or going straight I don't hear it. It has a 3.0 engine. It has 90,000 miles on it. Does anyone know what this could be, should I take and get it check right away and what would be cost to get fixed it you know what is wrong with it ????
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Likely a CV joint gone bad. Best bet is to replace the whole axle with a rebuilt unit from the parts store.
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Are you talking about replacing the whole front axle ??? If so will that be very expensive ?? Why not just replace the CV Joint ? Just like to know for info so when I go to get it fixed ?? Thanks
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Yup, the whole axle. They run about 100 to 150 a side. A CV joint runs about 60 bucks or so, and it's a lot more labor to do. In the end, a rebuilt axle is a better choice. I believe even Mopar/Chrysler has them now.
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it could be a bunch of things, as easy as a partially broken hubcap(i didn't believe it until i saw it)just remove it and see if it's quiet

also could be the axle if it is a constant click-click-click

if it is a one time click/clunk when the vehicle's weight shifts, it could possibly be a ball joint, tie-rod, power steering rack, sway bar bushing, motor mount, loose control arm or even a wheel bearing, or loose rim

does resting your foot lightly on the brake pedal make the noise 'not' happen when turning to normally make it happen, that usually leads to a broken/missing anti-rattle clip (appropriately named!)on the brake pads

it's tough to fix a noise based on a description, it's usually best to have a trained ear listen to it for you
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I agree with both... Most likely an axle.. Take a peek under the van, inside the tire (where the axle goes through) You'll see the rubber cv boot (outer). If the boot is ripped/torn, then it's a pretty safe bet. If you're still not sure, have a tech take a look for you.
As for a boot versus and axle, I recommend the axle.. You can replace a boot, get a warranty on the boot, and still have a 90,000 mile axle in there, or replace the whole axle and have a new warrantied item with 0 miles..In my book, the little extra cost of an axle out-weighs the 90,000 miles...

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