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I am posting for info. on ABS for a 1995 GMC Sierra, 2wd, 8cyl-5.0

Anyway, the problem is:

The ABS antilock dash light is lit. Yesterday, while on my way out of state, I had to turn back due to brake trouble... I stopped at a rest area & when I got back on the road, It felt like a stuck caliper or flat tire, with a serious pull to the left front. All tires were fine, so I started looking at the left front wheel. I noticed the wheel was rather hot! I am not too familiar w/ ABS, so I am not sure if it would be a bad caliper or not... The brake fluid level is full.
Does the ABS light come on when a caliper is going/gone bad? I have done brake pads & took the rotors to a shop to be turned from this truck about 4-5 years ago,(40k) since then, but didn't remove or fool with the sensors n such that I saw while the wheels were off.
I also want to repack the bearings, especially since the wheel was so hot and I am sure it had some affect/breakdown of the grease.

Please let me know if the ABS light will come on when a caliper has gone bad, or other things I need to replace or look for.

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I forgot to note that, I was able to free the pull in brakes, by moving the AUTOMATIC shifter to reverse/brake & drive/brake a couple times and it freed itself up so i could drive home.
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SInce caliper is not releasing as it should, I would try replacing the 2 flex brake hoses on front wheels. Any serious ABS problems should be addressed to a qualified technician. Nothing much for a do it yourselfer.
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I agree with Darrell.
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If the dash light is on then there is a fault stored in the computer. You need to have the computer scanned to determine the reason for the MIL to be illuminated. From what you described, it sounds like a caliper is sticking. They will do this when the pads get very low. This allows the piston(s) to travel farther than they should. This also sounds the case as you were able to free it just by rocking the vehicle. Normally once a caliper is frozen, you almost cant get it to release without removing it and using a clamp or vice. As Darrell stated, you could also have a collapsed brake line, and that is an area worth investigating. However, I dont think that is the case in this particular instance.
When was the last time the brakes were serviced? When was the last time the brake fluid was flushed? Contaminated frake fluid can reak havoc on a brake system. Glycol based brake fluid attracts moisture and will corrode and rust your brake system from the inside out. It is recommended that you flush your brake system every 2 years.
Hope this helps,

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