Traction Control Lexus GS 300 (2002-2003)


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Traction Control Lexus GS 300 (2002-2003)

Lexus GS 300

I am conteplating buying a new GS 300, but this will be the first time I will own a rear wheel vehicle in over 20 years. My concern is the snow and traction. Has anybody owned a GS 300 with traction and driven it in the snow. Please provide you opinion if the balance & Traction Control makes conpares with Front wheel drive.


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Depends on the cars you're comparing it to. Also depends on driver skill. A bad driver with traction control is STILL a bad driver and likely fares no better with whatever he/she drives.

Newsflash: If the snowfall is too high, ANY car with/without traction control is getting into trouble. The last winter we had in NYC, just about everything was getting stuck because the snow was getting under the chassis and the wheels were off the ground. LOL. Of course, 4x4 vehicles with higher ground clearance made it out OK. I was out the first day of the fall thanks to Craftsman (My

The GS300 will have low ground clearance and probably would get stuck in such conditions.

I own FWD and RWD cars and have used both in the snow. Even keel using either. A heavy FWD car (such as an old Toronado, Riviera, Eldorado) fares great in the snow. Heavy AND FWD.

In short: No better no worse than anything else, but has ground clearance issues. If the weather is that bad, I just take public transit or stay home .
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Thank you for your response. Presently, I have a Toyota Avalon and a Chrysler Concord that I am satisfied when it comes to the snow and traction. I live in PA and had similar winter last year.

I remember when I had to add weight in the trunk to my RWT car, but as mentioned I have not had a RWT vehicle for 20 years, especially with Traction control. My friend in Germany who owns a BMW 325 has told me he has not had an issue with the new traction control and the well-balanced BMW. This will be my wife's car so I just want to make sure before I buy it,

Thanks again for your reply

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