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Question AC R12 Something New

My truck's AC will soon need a recharge. It is the old R12. I have heard that something new is on the market, which will replace the R12 with-out all the conversion. Any information will be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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What gives you the idea your truck is going to need a recharge? How is the current charge performing?
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There's no such thing as an R12 drop in, that's a fallacy. Good, long term performance/conversion depends on many, many factors.

Best way is to keep it R12. However, the system must be sound and free of leaks. That goes for ANY refrigerant that is in there now.
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Hi Oliver,

When you say, "...without the conversion..." , I take you to mean, without the conversion to 134a.

Yes, there are several products such as Hot Shot and a dozen others that are marketed to replace r12. However, you must still purge the r12 in your system to add these replacement refrigerents. (Hmmmm, ??? I think you must always replace them, but not certain). In favor of these products, you should have a safe (no latent compressor damage from higher volume requirements) cold air cooling system that you will enjoy. But there is a big downside.

This could be a long post, so to shorten it, here is my opinion. Leave the replacement products to commercial applications that have large volume need of such replacements (i.e. 100 lbs, 1000 lbs, instead of 12oz cans). These include mostly non-automotive applications since r12 is used in a great many systems, in large volume, other than cars. I am really cutting this topic to the quick. I know of 'no one' that is using these alternative refrigerents for automotive use. I repeat, noone out of 50 auto repair shops. If you are an A/C professional, then a go at it, experiment and give it a try. You will need the tools and know how to implement such changes. You will go it alone.

If you are a car owner/consumer, then stick with the EPA approved (and recommended) alternative, which, as you know, is 134a. In other words, after you look around and see whats what in the car business, you will immediately (like it or not) return to 134a as your choice of alternative refrigerent. I am not saying that 134a is an equivalent replacement for r12,,, hardly! It's just that if you don't use 134a then you are truely all alone when it come time to get help, advice or repair.

In summary, 134a is the automotive industry mainstream replacement product for r12. Personally, I would buy a new car designed for r134 before I would convert, but that is just my narrow minded opinion. I have seen too many cars that cool just fine until the outside temp hits 85 or 90, then the complaints begin. The truth is, that r134a is the economical choice, (whether or not it performs as well or as long as r12), for the average car owner in need of air conditioning repair.

You still have the option to repair the system and recharge with r12. But you must be savy to what constitutes a good, leak free repair. Also, many shops will not perform r12 work due the risk of it leaking out overnight leaving a disgruntled, penny poor, customer. It's simply too costly to afford a mistake.
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Thanks to all who replied to my question, I had read about an acceptable R12 replacement at ...artical called "Cool It" It talked about a refrigent called FR12 I was looking for more info about this, Thanks again to all.
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Have a look at the EPA's website. They have a list of acceptable R12 alternatives.

Nothing is "drop in", most have SOME modification that is required.

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