olds ciera keeps cutting off.


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Angry olds ciera keeps cutting off.

I have a 1988 olds cutless ciera, 3.8 liter engine.The problem is that after driving it and cutting off several times in a short period of time it will start stalling out by itsel. It will restart right away,but I do not know what is causing it.I took it to the dealer and had them run a diagnotic but to no avail.They told me that it checked out ok.Has anyone out there had this problem?
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This could be a bear to diagnose. You might want to leave it overnight with a good competent shop so they can diagnose it and have it happen to them. It has to happen for them to fix it .
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I took it to the dealer and left it for a week. They drove it every day,but nothing happened. I get the car back and 2 days later it is cutting off again.
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You didn't mention how mechanically inclined you are.. There are a couple things you can check yourself when it dies again..See if there is any fuel pressure after it dies (please use an appropriate fuel pressure guage) Check to see if there is spark present when the engine is cranked (careful, coil packs can deliver a powerful jolt when they do fire!!!)
Can you here the injector's clicking while the engine is being cranked?

This is very helpful information for a technician when troubleshooting a problem such as yours!!
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ciera problems

I have worked on my own auto,motorcycles and boats for years but I am not a professional macanic.When the car cuts off,it will restart right away.In order for it to do this the gas and spark would have to be right.
I would like to thank all who tried to help me.I guess I will drive it till the check engine light finally comes back on.

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