94 LeSabre front end noise


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94 LeSabre front end noise

Our 94 Buick LeSabre four door (3.6L, automatic) is making a noise, almost like a ringing, when the steering wheel is turned even slightly to the left while driving. The noise only seems to happen after te car is warmed up, and only when actually driving the car.

The noise itself is not intemittent. When it happens, it is a continuous sort of tone, anytime the steering wheel is even slightly moved to the left past dead center, and continuing until the wheel comes back to center or right.

Warped brake rotor?
Worn CV joint?
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Where does the noise seem to be coming from? In the column? Outside the vehicle?

Does alldata.com show any bulletins on the problem?
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If its a "shopping cart wheel" type of ring, then that sounds like when I needed my brake pads replaced, apparently they are desinged to make this scraping / ringing sound when they are worn down.

It happened only when I turned slightly left at highway speeds. Eventaully it became constant as the pads wore down even more.

my .02..hope it's worth it.

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