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power converter

I have a 350 Watt power inverter. I want to run a laptop off it while my wife is driving the car. Do you think I will have any problems with the battery? 5 hour trip??
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Yes, I think it might exceed the output of the electrical system.
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Depends on the vehicle and the charging system and other electical loads.I drove my 1984 Caprice Classic for 10 hours while the laptop was connected to a power inverter,never had a problem.
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Ron Hatinger
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Post power converter

Lets see,

Laptops dont use much power. Look at the Power-Adapter for your laptop that will plug into the inverter. It will list the power and current draw for your Laptop. It should say something like :

Input: 120 VAC (500ma) or (1A)


Output: (18 VDC) or (18 DC) (2000ma) or (4A)

These number are just to show what you should see that is of value here.

Wattage = Volts * Amps or (ma : milliamps)

1000 milliamps = 1 A (Amp)

Your Power Inverter has 350 watts. Divide that buy the output power (Volts=120 VAC). That gives you how many Amps of current you can draw from it. So thats 2.9 A or 2900 milliamps

What is the values for the (Input: ???VAC ??A)

This should be the same value or less as your inverter.

If the value is higher it will Burn-UP your inverter. Try to keep it under the value for your Power-Inverter to be safe.

Your cars lighter outlet proubly can handle your Power Inverter. It proubly has a lighter plug on it. Most cars have 7A or 10A Fuse for the lighter outlet.

If this is to much to follow and understand, then play it safe.

Dont use my info and follow what the others said above.

Have Good Day,

Ron Hatinger

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