Timing belt change


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Unhappy Timing belt change

Working on replacing timing belt for Volvo 940 wagon. The timing belt alignment mark is in plastic cover, and the cover basically fall apart into millions of pieces when opened up. (Bad brittle plastic)

It was catch 22 situation, where I need cover to find TDC, but to install new cover, I need to pull all cam pullyes out without setting them to TDC. I took a chance and pull all cam by marking the engine block with ink. Inserted new cover in place, and realign pullies using the timing mark on the cover.

Put everything back in place, started engine. I got check engine light on. open up everything, did not find anything. just to make sure, I pull the belt out, realign everything again & retension it.

Cover everything up, started engine. Idles about 10 sec normally, and RPM sinks to 500 and recovers. The engine does this in the loop. No check engine light at this time.

Basically I don't see anything wrong with the timing mark alignment. Is it time to check for something other than the timing belt?

suppose that crank shaft & cam shafts where misaligned by few belt tooth, would it be enough to do engine damage in few minutes of testing?

thanks in advance
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Whoa Nelley. Whose repair manual are you using?
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I have been following Bentley manual until removing the belt cover. The cover, I am assuming was either over-heated or cleaned with some funkey cleaner. Soon as I open few screws, it fell apart. All my TDC alignment mark went with it.

I cross referenced number of books, and I am pretty sure that my timing belt & and cam gears are aligned.
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No expert here, so stand back. I am sure that if you had any of your marks off on the timing, the car would run rough or not run at all. It sounds like you have a problem in the fuel system or ignition. I had an old truck that would do the same thing and found the inlet was plugged in the carb causing it to starve and stumble enough to recover the fuel in the float bowl.
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Have you checked your vacuum lines to make sure none are pinched or missing?
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I took the belt out and realign everything again. And now it works. I guess it was misaligned belt after all.

thank you for all your suggestions.

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