AXOD Trans Problem


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Ron Hatinger
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Question AXOD Trans Problem

Ok, 89' Lincon Continetal 100 miles on rebuild for Trans.

Trans. repair was done in OR State. Car was sent on car hauler to GA were it is now. Shop wont honnor Nation wide warranty.

Problem, car shifts fine when its cold or cold out side 65deg.

When the car warms up or is hot out side 75-80+ it starts acting up.

At first:

Delayed shifting all gears
Delayed down shifting (Hard 1-2?)

then it gets to the point it wont shift out of 1st and/or 2nd Gear until it cools off.

Fluid is Between the lines on stick. temp going to Trans cooler is around 200 degs, Checked the TV-cable and adj. no diffrence.
Has 2 additional coolers for the tranny not including the one in the radiator.

What to look for in repairing this problem? Will buy the specialty tools if I have to get that indept.

Thanks for reading post. Any Thought?

Ron H.
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time to call that shop in OR and raise heck, make them find you a shop that will honor the 'nationwide' warranty, this is someone else's problem, not your's unless you just bought the car and 'your name' doesn't match 'the name' on the receipt(catch my drift)
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Ask them why, as Mike stated. Also ask them why their rebuilds fail in 100 miles of driving.

Additionally, tell them you plan on suing them and notifying the OR Better Business Bureau about their tactics too.

If that doesn't get them rolling, call the local "Shame on You" in that area and explain the quandary. Bad publicity works wonders for people that think they can do such things.

Tranny is wasted, rebuild time again .
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Ron Hatinger
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AXOD Trans. Problem

OK, I have called the shop multipal times. Six months now. They said ship it to them they will fix it. (?) I already contacted OR. BBB. I'm at the point of doing it my self. Yes I am a mechanic by trade and I fix Enigines to Hyd. Pumps and Cylinders to Electronic repair. I rebuilt my 87 Nisson Pulsar Twin Cam Engine and Manual Trans. on that vehical.

I feel cofindent that I can tackle this obstical. With the right tools and Manual. I have the Time and Room at my home or work to take this one step at a time. Plus I look at this as Mechanical experince for me to learn and under stand if this is a field I would like to Specailize in as I work toward my Certifacation in the Automotive field.

Thanks for the Replies.

Ron Hatinger
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When you get your manual, look into the cooling system in the radiator (for the transmission). Many Ford products put a check valve in there, and even if the it was flushed at the time of the re-build, it can hold trash, clog up the works, and cause a very early tranny failure... The car's I've run into this on, require the radiator to be replaced..No other repair option was available..I am not sure if this applies to your car or not...It's sad to say, but many transmission shops (and regular automotive shops) fail to realize how important flushing those lines out are..
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Joe's vote:

Take MsArgent's suggestion. Get a Ford FQR rebuilt transmission (will have all the updates and parts), install it yourself and bill the first shop.

Find out who their national warranty company is, get the phone # and tell them you're going to sue everyone until someone fesses up to the responsibility of the unit.

Sounds like a non paying bidder I had on Ebay some time ago. I kept calling this guy everyday until he got so sick of me, he mailed me extra money. LOL.

Unfortunately, the right tools for tranny repair are multiple manuals and specialized pullers and the like. It is more cost effective to install a Ford reman for the DIY person.
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