Passenger side leak


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Passenger side leak

I have a 1990 Acura Integra RS with 1.8 L 4 cylinder, manual, no A/C.

It was raining heavily recently while driving and some water began dripping from under passenger side dash. I had vents going full blast (outside air), and was going through some major puddles.

Leaking stopped when I stopped the vents about 5 mintues later, even though it was raining harder at that point.

My question is, would it be possible for the vents to draw in water when running full blast in heavy rain with spray from puddles? I am assuming that vents draw there air fron underneath the vehicle (not in engine compartment), or is my windshield leaking.

Thanks in advance.
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If you had the defroster or A/C on, look for a clogged evaporator drain first. If it occurs without the A/C on and with rain, look for a body leak.

No A/C as in it doesn't work or it's not factory equipped?

Determine first which you have and we'll go from there.
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A/C is not equipped.

It must be a body leak, then. Just curious, about where on the bottom does air get drawn in? I have the haynes manual, can't seem to find anything about it.

Well strange thing is, it doesn't leak unless my vents are turned on. (temp dial set to cool) I always have the vents set to blow air from outside, not recirculate. Perhaps it leaking somewhere into the ventilation, and then get blown to a point somehwere where the water will trickle through?

This car is so old its not worth taking it to the mechanic anymore, I do all the maintenence and repair myself now (just replaced the alternator, radiator, and the thermostat within the last month).

Side note: After starting to repair my vehicle myself, I've grown much more fond of it. I was considering replacing it, but now, I just can't bring myself to do it. It's only disadvantage is the lack of A/C in the hot summer.
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Most of the time, the vent that allows outside air in, is located up under the cowl, near the bottom of the windshield, passenger side. It's possible there is some sort of rubber molding that has "rotted" do to old age and allowing water to seep in..

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