Timing belt and realignment


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Question Timing belt and realignment

what is the proceedure for aligning timing gears and crankshaft on a engine with overhead cams and no distributor. i have a book but it doesn't tell you what to do if the belt would break and you would have to start from scratch. it is not a interference engine. it is a 1993 rodeo 3.2 sohc ???
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Check autolibrary.org below or consult a good service manual for the vehicle.
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ah, the isuzu 3.2L timing belt, one of my favorite ways to kill 45 minutes.

first thing i do, is take out the radiator! two 12mm bolts on top, two radiator hose clamps on top, maybe two trans cooler lines underneath, and one wiring harness clip(next to p/s box), also unclip the lower piece/sliver of the fan shroud, then the whole rad and shroud come out as one, with the fan still bolted on to the pulley.

with that out, it's easy work with air tools(you do have air tools?)especially the main crankshaft bolt which must be very tight--24mm(1/2 inch air gun fits nicely without rad)

on to your question...the crankshaft sprocket has a small V-shaped notch on the outer edge of it that goes at the 3 o'clock position lined up with a small line(i use a mirror to get it exact), ignore the v6 and v8 lines--meaningless. next are the two camshafts, on the dust shield behind the gears, there is a small raised dot, put some liquid paper or bright colored touch-up paint on them, now look closely at the cam gears, inside one tooth edge will be i think a depressed triangle, some might have an extra two lines 180 degrees apart, your mark will be halfway between them, line these up with your dots.

now to make it easier, get two 'large' black squeezy paper clips, start the belt on the pass. side cam and clip it on, pull it tight under your NEW water pump and back up to the driver's side cam and clip it, run it around idler, to the crankshaft and pull it tight again and take the clip from the d. side cam and clip it to the crank sprocket, there should be no slack on what you just did. now with the remaining belt slack, push the tensioner 'pulley' up and install your NEW! hydraulic tensioner( they have a nasty habit of going bad right after the t. belt job and they do make a loud noise) pull the pin and your done. i've very rarely not seen a water pump leak and i won't do the job anymore without a new tensioner(hydraulic one) i obviously also use a dealer 'oem' belt and it has lines on the belt to line up with the marks on the gears so there is no chance of it being one tooth off, you could say it's stooge-proof.

with the tensioner pin pulled, you can turn the crank back 4-5 teeth and then bring it back to tdc, so you can verify the marks, you can easily see the cam marks you made through the a/c condensor with a light because you took the radiator out(right?) you can even start it up for 5 seconds to test yourself, but MAKE SURE you loop the trans cooler lines or plug them up good, i can tell you how big the mess will be.

let us know how it goes
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well lol its 2:30 here in cajun country and im up an at um. thanks for the post i will try first lite i allrady have alll that off i must say they are really easy cars to work on (Wish parts weren't so expenxive) and yes i had to get a air wrench to take the lower crank shaft pully off, im familiar with the notch at the cranksaft gear and all the marks on the upper plates all i have to do is figure out the rest of what your telling me. if any of you guys are ever down in cajun coutry i'll fix u up some good eating. i will let you know if i get it.
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Talking yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo

i can't thank you enough ima disabled vietnam vet with a family of 3 that lives on fixed income so i can't afford a mechanic i posted in several places yesterday and you guys are the only ones that came thru i thank you again i have some other problems but this is all ima tackle for now i been without a car for 3.5 weeks. this little truck has really been good to me in 10 yrs all i've change is the water pump, starters, tires and timing belt, tensioner ,hoses brakes, front bearings and belts.. knock on wood - i was thinking of getting rid of it cause of parts cost but since i found that place in cali that has real good prices i guess i'll keep it... if you guys are ever down in cajun country i'll cook ya'll some river cat and gator thanks a bunch guys

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